MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2016 11:11:27 AM
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Sail & Fin questions

I am an intermediate sailor, who has recently bought a new Kona one. I am so happy I did, it's a fabulous board for what I want to do. I have no interest in racing, only recreational sailing, in lakes, rivers and the ocean. I prefer light to medium winds, up to around 17 knots. I find the going a bit tough over that strength. 
   I have had a few different second hand sails to try and get a feel for the differences. And then decided to buy an Ezzy Zephyr 7.4m longboard specific sail, for my main sail. It seems to be similar in description to the Kona One Design sails. And was considerably cheaper here in Australia. I have never seen a Kona sail here locally where I sail actually. I have since added adjustable outhaul and downhaul. I find that real handy. 
  What I'd really like some feedback on is if anyone here is familiar with the Ezzy Zephyr as well as the Kona, I'd like to hear of the differences? I would expect them to be much the same? I was also wondering about the the advertising of the Kona sail as being tunable for 5 to 30 knots. Seems far fetched to me. I have trouble at 20 knots with the 7.5 and even my 6m in 20-25 knots. Is the quoted wind range in the advertising only for experienced racers? For my weight I should use a Kona 8.2m. I own a Simmer 2XC 8.5m which I use in light wind, say up to 12 knots, but can go up to around 15 knots with that sail. I just don't believe I could use an 8.2m in any more than that either. What do you say?
  Having said that I would like to buy a nice light wind sail at 8.5 to 9m for up to 12 knots. Then the 7.5 Zephyr is the go until maybe 18knots. I don't usually sail in more than 20 knots but have a 6m and 5.4 if I feel like it.
  The other thing Im wondering about is the fin, I only have used the standard 46cm fin. But have a 30odd cm wave fin as well. But is there a better fin to use that the original? Especially to get up on the plane earlier in marginal winds?
Appreciate your feedback.