Dominique Vallée, regatta director 

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At  6 years old, it was already too late. My passion for windsurfing was so intense that I was excited just by watching a tree leaf being moving by the wind.What was a sport become a way of life and gradually my profession.
Member of the Canadian sailing team since 2000, I had the chance to travel the globe with my windsurf, meet wonderful people and observe beautiful natural scenery.Today, it’s my turn to make people discover our country by hosting the Windsurfing Kona world championship 2013.

An exceptional event  with a  unifying concept who will not just bring together riders from all over the world, but who will also provide an opportunity for our Canadian riders to compete against legend of our sport.

Regardless of age, regardless of nationality, regardless of the level, let you surf and join us in 2013!





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