Kona Cup Canada 2012

Kona Cup consists of at least five races during the season the results are counted in the official rankings. This type of competition can vary between bansegling, slalom and long distance - or a combination thereof. All Kona competitions divide the participants into weight classes according to class rules.

All participants in the Kona Cup must be a member of ?, it will have its own profile in MyKona to get ranking points, get your own here at www.konaone.com / join and check out here if you want to be medelem

  Expanded description of the format:
Senior - 7.4, 8.2 and 9.0 square meter sail area *
Blue - 6.6 sqm sail Cadet - up to 15 years in the year by 3.5 - 5, 8 sqm sail area for 2012 is into classes appropriate for the new sail sizes. Kona Association would like to especially highlight the Blue class in 2012. Blue class, they are competing with blue seniorsegei 6.6 sqm. Association of hope for many young newcomers to the Blue class, and all those who already sail blue.

* Note. Kona class has a well-balanced and tested system of choice of sail size after the sailor's
by weight. Sail size from 6.6 to 9.0 square meters for the sailors older than 15 years. For example, if an experienced sailor with
blue sails 6.6 sqm to compete in the Senior class instead of the Blue class, it's ok.

Course for racing.

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