Tuesday, November 6, Race day 4

We have a new World Champion! 18 year old Swedish talent Adam Holm managed to finally take the step on top of the podium after one bronze medal and two silver medals in the last three Worlds. These are his words of the afternoon’s two final races: 

“I was very nervous for obvious reasons. In the first race I started close to Tim Aagesen. We both started close to the leeward mark. On the first upwind leg I felt that I had the speed and this released all my nervousness. The wind picked up and I felt that these where my conditions. Bit by bit I moved my way up through the field and on the second upwind leg I was in the lead. It was a great feeling.

The second race, everything went my way. I took an early lead which I never let go of.  The feeling when I crossed the finishing line was unbeatable. Finally, I had reached my goal after being close in previous championships.”

Back on shore the new champion was carried by his team mates, friends and family on his board to the podium, celebrating the impressive sailing over seven races that gave him a total score of 13. His record was: 3-(10)-1-4-3-1-1. 

Last year’s World Champion Danish windsurfing legend Tim Aagesen finished second with a total score of 20 after seven races. Australian Dennis Winstanley won the bronze medal after an impressive last day and a total score of 26.

Young Swedish super talent, Andrea Holm (16 years) finished fifth overall, well before Norway’s first lady of windsurfing Jorunn Horgen who finished 9th in her first Kona Worlds. Third lady was Canadian Dominique Vallée finishing 14th after impressive sailing when the wind picked up. With a third and fifth place in the last day’s afternoon races she clearly proved her qualities as a Kona windsurfer. At the podium she also picked up the Worlds’ relay stick from this year’s organizer Marcos Perez, welcoming everyone to next year’s Championships to be held in her home waters near Quebec, Canada.


Finally, the prayers paid off. A consistent onshore breeze of 8 – 10 knots met the sailors in the morning. The sailors were spread well along the starting line for the first race. The top three out of the start were all Swedes, Johan Ekstedt, followed by Hans Nystrom and young talent Andrea Holm. On the second upwind leg the positions changed when Andrea managed to aim high towards the mark and still keep her speed. Just like yesterday, she found the right way and extended the distance between herself and the rest of the fleet. She finished in big style well before any other sailor. Johan Ekstedt managed to keep on to the second place before Hans Nystrom.


Encouraged by her strong performance in the first race Andrea was the first out of the starting line in the second race. She was followed by Australian Dennis Winstanley and her brother Adam and current leader Tim Aagesen. Showing no nerves she held on to the lead throughout the race finishing first, before Dennis Winstanley, Adam Holm and Tim Aagesen.

We now have a very thrilling situation before the afternoon’s deciding races. Adam Holm’s total score is 11, Tim Aagesen 12 and Andrea Holm 14. At the moment everything looks like the gold will end up in Scandinavia but if it will be Sweden or Denmark is still to decide and also if we will have the first female Kona World Champion.

Monday, November 5, Race day 3

Lunch report

The weather gods continue to play tricks with the Kona sailors. Another morning with light wind conditions. The race organization had a demanding job in the morning to adjust the course to ensure best possible conditions before shooting off the first race.

The sailors were spread all along the starting line choosing different ways. One group took off towards land while another chose sailing more off shore. Not surprisingly Tim Aagesen, from Denmark, was first at the upwind mark. During the downwind he was passed by Dennis Winstanley from Australia. On the second upwind leg a major shift gave changed the situation completely. Andrea Holm (16 years) from Sweden came like a torpedo through the field and took the lead. She managed to hold on to it and was the first to pass the finish line before Dennis Winstanley and Tim Aagesen. “The last upwind changed the situation completely in my favor. I had some luck and managed to find the right way through the wind shift. It was a great feeling to pass the line as number one,” Andrea Holm explains.

The second race of the morning also proved to be demanding with the wind continuing to be just on the lower limit of what is possible to race. Adam Holm, older brother of Andrea and with medals in for consecutive Worlds, took an early lead. He held on to it all the way through the race, finishing before local legend Nino Najarro and Tim Aagesen. “To find the right side of the course was essential. I made some good decisions and managed to hold on to the lead all the way through the race,” Adam Holm commenting. “I was lucky following my friend Tim Aagesen, sailing next to him, which proved to be a good decision”, Nino Najarro explains. “Tim convinced me to come to the Championships and I am happy I did. It is a very friendly atmosphere here”, Nino continues.

After the morning’s two races the wind finally faded out completely and it was decided by the race organization to abandon the afternoon races. The evening will now be focused on prayers to the local weather gods to grant the sailors with the world famous Canarian wind tomorrow.


Sunday, November 4 - Race day 2

Afternoon report
After the morning’s race the spirit was high within the racing community, everyone hoping for good racing. But the wind did not kick-in so the sailors went out on the water preparing for a light-wind race. It was a tight start. Hans Nystrom, World Champion 2009  took an early lead towards the first up-wind mark. On the down-wind he was passed by Magnus Lindstedt that expanded the lead followed by a group of approximately five sailors.

On the second lap the wind started to die out and it dropped below the limit for fair racing. The racing committee therefore had to take the only possible decision to abandon the race. This left many frustrated sailors on the water, having to paddle back, while cursing at the Canarian weather gods. Gran Canaria is after all a place known for predictable and steady wind conditions. This is still to be proven when then Championship tomorrow enters its third day.

Lunch report
Finally, the prayers for wind paid off. The first official race of the championship could be completed this morning. A light breeze of 3 knots powered the sails, enough to get the sailing going. Rok Povar of Slovenia took an early lead and kept this position all the way through the two laps. “It was very difficult conditions this morning. Every mistake counted double. I was very satisfied with my sailing and hope the wind will pick up this afternoon,” Rok comments. Last year’s Kona World Champion Tim Aagesen, finished second before Swedish talent Adam Holm (18 years) in third place.

Saturday, November 3 - Race day 1

Afternoon report
At 2 pm there was still no wind. The question was still open; would there be any racing? Finally the wind started to pick up and it was decided to do an afternoon race. The sailors left shore getting ready to race. The course was set up but the wind still was unstable. It was then decided by the race management to move the course further out off-shore to get more stable conditions.

All sailors lined up for the start, eager to commence racing. This resulted in a general recall. By the time all racers where lined up again it had been a 180 degrees windshift, forcing the organization to change the course. During this time the wind dropped to nearly zero and it was decided to cancel the race. Of course a disappointment, but after being met by the most amazing paella back on shore the smiles where back on everyones faces gathering for a social chat on the beach.

Tomorrow it is expected light wind conditions, picking up in the afternoon. The aim is to do up to four races.

Lunch report

Morning. Official opening. Michael Fox, president of International Kona One Association, declared the 2012 Worlds opened. Marcos Perez, head of the event organization, welcomed all sailors to Maspalomas and the race venue. A perfect start. Only one thing missing - wind. Frustrating, of course, with every sailor just wanting to get out on the water to start racing. But the atmosphere in the racing area is , relaxed with Kona sailors from around the globe enjoying each others company along with the soft reggae and soul music from the sound system.

Marcos Perez explained the current weather situation: "We are very close to a low pressure but weather changes quickly here so hopefully there will be more winds tomorrow."

To get the energy moving it was decided to set up a Kona SUP-relay race.

Seven teams on the starting line. The was team Europe 1 consisting of Adam Holm, Rok Povar and Fritiof Sach.

Friday, November 2

Tune up race

First day on the water. Light winds, side shore. Everyone eager to get out and test the waters of Maspalomas bay. The tune up race has several purposes. To prepare the racing and security organization as well as give the sailors a feel for the course. The tune up will not be counted into the official resultats.

The course had a classical structure. Upwind start, then a split mark, after going down-wind passing through a gate – two laps before passing the finishing line.

Tomorrow will be the first official race day. The weather forecast says light winds from south west, picking up during the afternoon.

Thursday, November 1

Two days until count down. All boards and riggs passed the Spanish customs in Las Palmas yesterday. A moment not without nerves. The customs on the island does not let any goods pass easily.

Full activity on the beach today. Everyone eager to get on and test the Maspalomas bay. The conditions proved to be perfect, sunny and winds between 7 – 15 knots. The athmosphere is great. Many smiles and hugs from Kona sailors haven’t met since last Worlds.

 Tomorrow will be the tune up race. Our ambition is to provide the community with news throughout the day, together with photos and videos.

26 October Charter equipment left:

This are what we have left for charter:

2012 Boards: (3) + used (1)
(UPDATE) RIG 5:8 (0)
(UPDATE) RIG 6:6 (1)
(UPDATE) RIG 7:4 (4)
(UPDATE) RIG 8:2 (3)
(UPDATE) RIG 9:0 (2)

25 October Charter equipment left:

Today we have the beer in place, redbull and the lunch resturant. The boat are arranged, t-shirts for printing, DVD to Television (teaser in Spanish news next week with interjuv with Marcos Perez)

23 October Charter equipment left:

People who have change the mind and like to participants in Kona Worlds 2012 have possibility to charter this equipment.

This are what we have left for charter:

2012 Boards: (5) + used (3-4)
(UPDATE) RIG 5:8 (2)
(UPDATE) RIG 6:6 (1)
(UPDATE) RIG 7:4 (4)
(UPDATE) RIG 8:2 (5)
(UPDATE) RIG 9:0 (1)

22 October Rigs have arrived to Gran Canarias.