1. Name

The name of the class association shall be the Kona Windsurfing Association. (KWA)

2. Insignia

The emblem of the class shall be the oval Kona logo represented below:

3. Objects

The objects of the KWA are;

a) To provide a medium of exchange of information among Kona sailors throughout the world;

b) to enhance the enjoyment of fair one-design racing;
b) to develop and promote the class in all countries; and,

c) to encourage and foster the enjoyment of sporting and recreational aspects of sailing.

4. Policy

It shall be the policy of the Association

a) to promote the interest of the Kona One design class throughout the world;

b) to obtain and to maintain the ISAF (International Sailing Federation) recognition as an Registered or International Class; and,
c) to co-ordinate and manage the affairs and rules of the class with ISAF.

5. Terms and Definitions

Throughout these rules the following defined terms will be used:

a) The KWA shall mean Kona Class Association.

b) The Member National Authority (MNA) shall mean the organisation recognised by the ISAF to control and organise sailing on a national basis in any country.

c) The NCA shall mean the National Kona Class Association organised inside individual countries and officially recognised by the KWA and the corresponding MNA.

d) Fleets shall mean any organization or club within a NKC of 10 or more windsurfers who are individual owners of Kona boards, having access to localities where regular racing activities take place.

e) The Class Rules shall mean the rules relating to measurement, construction and racing condition of the Kona One Design Class. The ISAF is the only body with the power to make changes in the Class Rules upon proposals from the KWA.

f) Builder shall mean the builder of the Kona board, Kona Windsurfing AB.

g) The council shall mean the assembly of the NKCs.


6. Membership

The following types of membership shall be recognised:

a) Full membership.

b) Associate membership.

The KWA shall recognize Full membership of a single NCA per country if and only if the following conditions are met initially and on an ongoing basis by the NCA:  
a) Payment in full of any the prescribed annual subscription that may be assessed from time to time by the KWA;
b) Compliance of the NCA's constitution with this Constitution; and,
c) Hosting a minimum of 5 (FIVE) regattas under the Class Rules each calendar year.

Associate membership shall, upon payment if any of the prescribed annual subscription, be open to all individuals, clubs or fleets in those countries only where no NCA is recognized by the KWA.  
Associate members are entitled to attend and speak at any meeting, but shall not be not entitled to vote.

7. Annual Subscription

The KWA shall be financed by

a) building fees from the builder or licensed manufacturers paid according to the number of Kona boards sold,
b) contributions from the NKCs paid according to their number of members,

c) contributions from annual subscriptions  from associate members,
d) other fees.

The subscription shall be determined annually by the Council. Full members shall register annually. All subscription and fees shall be made payable to the IKC Treasurer. Subscriptions and fees for each calendar year are due on the first of March.


8. Management and Voting Rights

a) The KWA has authority over all activities of the Kona Class throughout the world, and its powers shall be vested in and carried out by the (world) Council; comprised by the chairs of each NKC and by the Builder´s representative.

b) The Council shall elect from amongst themselves the President, secretary, class representative, treasurer and additional officers each of who's terms shall be of two years. Re-election is allowed. The council may appoint Honorary Commodores from time to time as they see fit.

c) The Council shall meet not less frequently than once a year and the time and location of meetings may coincide with the holding of a world or a continental championship. Each NKC shall have one vote. Proxy votes shall not be accepted. In addition to the national votes the president, the secretary, the builder´s representative and other additional elected officers shall each have one vote.  Voting by E-mail or live video record is deemed acceptable when matters are put to vote at any time other than than live meeting between persons.  

d) The secretary of the KWA shall be responsible for the management of all business of the KWA, subject to -and in accordance with the constitution and by-laws, including;
- the coordination of all inter-regional activities,
- the organization of all activities relating to world championships,
- and liaison between the KWA and all other sailing authorities.

e) The One Design Class representative of the KWA, shall be authorized to discuss all technical matters with ISAF acc. ISAF part V – Classes and Class Administration 26.5 (g) (ii) and shall be responsible to maintain ISAF designation of the Kona One Design Class.

f) The decision of the council shall be by simple majority of votes.

9.National Kona Class Associations

a) The KWA may establish a NKC. Then the NKC shall appoint a committee comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, One Design Class Representative and a Treasurer.

Any NKC whether established by the KWA or elsewhere established and recognized by the KWA shall have those powers, vested in the Council by this constitution (other than the power to amend the rules of this constitution and the class rules) as specifically delegated to the NKC by their regional by-law, including the power to appoint additional officers for such term as it from time to time determine.

The Secretary of the NKC shall be responsible for all National matters in accordance with the direction of the National Committee, including;
the co-ordination of National activities and events,
liaison with the President of the KWA,
maintenance of all national records, and
maintenance of all membership records and information.

 Nothing shall preclude a Secretary of a National Association, also serving as Secretary of the International Association.

A National Association may constitute by-laws for any purpose necessary to carry out the regional functions and responsibilities, and copies of such by-laws shall be passed on to the Secretary of the KWA and be subject to the Council's approval.

10. Fleets

a) Whenever or wherever seen appropriate, Fleets may be established within a National Association.
A Fleet captain may be elected annually from among its members, and shall be responsible for the organization of the fleet and the due compliance by the members of the Fleet. The Fleet captain shall report any event or activity directly to the National Secretary.

11. Provisions

a) This constitution came into force on the date of the approval thereof by the interim council of the KWA, at December 7th. 2006.  

On coming into force, each existing NKC and Fleet shall be deemed to be such within the meaning of this constitution, and all officers and Fleet captains shall be deemed to be the officers under this constitution until their successors have been appointed or elected, as the case may be.