Kona Worlds 2011    


Summary Kona World Championships 2011.

Tim Aagesen is the new Kona World Champion

Nivaa Denmark August 2nd. to 7th. 2011

This years Kona Worlds became another incomparable experience, with 61 competitors from 10 countries and 3 continents, flavored by the famous Danish hospitality and yachting know-how. The elegant club facilities at Nivaa is just something that has to be experienced, not to speak about the organization headed by Steen Buck Hansen (race organizer) and Jan Madsen (race officer). The daily race schedules including morning briefings were all executed spot on time.

In all kind of conditions, the living legend and former PWA racer Tim Aagesen (DEN) outclassed his competitors with 7 bullets, two 2nds and an 8, which is by far the most impressive score in the history of Kona World championships. Tim was the champion already after 11 races, but gentleman enough to drop out of the last race, to give others a chance. Last years vice world champ, - young Adam Holm (SWE) did shine again to secure his second silver medal in style. Adam, or “MR Consistency” has become a regular visitor at the podium since his Bronze medal in 2009. Joachim Larsson (SWE) finished 5 points adrift to collect his first overall medal, and it was not without a fight. With excellent boat speed, two bullets and two 2nds, Joachim were always “up there” but finished “only 10th”. in race 4 and suffered an OCS in race 5.

Scandinavian dominance

Not surprisingly the Swedes went home with the most medals including the Team Trophy for the second consecutive year, followed by the Danes in their home waters. However, Bernd Szyperrek (GER) sailed a flawless event (5th. over all) to take the heavy weight crown ahead of Michael Anker (DEN) and Vincent Gaonach (FRA).

Expectedly the young but experienced Dion van Laarhoven (NED) won the Cadet gold medal followed by Geronimo Nores (USA) and Natasha Schalofsky Bate (DEN).

Women power

Kajsa Larsson (SWE) made history, being the first Kona sailor to regain a World title, finishing 7th. over all, this time closely followed by Fanny Bauman (SWE) in 8th over all. Kajsa won her first world title in 2008 at the age of 16, after a last race photo finish with Manuela Buch (GER)

Another fantastic Kona Worlds – again proving its capacity as a class for all, with three weight groups finishing in the top five – and with competitors from 9 to 57 years of age. Allan Koch (DEN) surprised himself winning the prestigious (over 50) veteran cup.

11:16 2011.08.07 Kona World Championships.

18:14 2011.08.06 Kona World Championships.

Nivaa, Denmark August 6th.
Day 5

Race 10
It was partly clouded and light off shores winds between 4 and 6 knots. The 
conditions should prove to be very difficult with holes and radical shifts all over 
the course. Bjoern Holm got off to a good start and lead around the first 
round –ahead of the light wind specialist Johan Falenius (SWE) with Tim 
Aagesen in 3rd. and Adam Holm in 4th. At the second upwind things started 
to get tricky, and Johan Falenius took over the lead, followed by Bernd 
Szyperrek (GER). Both Bjorn Holm and Tim Aagesen lost several places in less 
wind at the right side of the course. Then it was disaster for Bjorn Holm who 
got disqualified for pumping on the last downwind, and for Tim Aagesen 
getting trapped in a “hole” and dropped further down to 15th. Rok Puvar 
and Thomas Persson came from behind to finish 3rd. and 4th, ahead of 
Joachim Larsson and Adam Holm. 

Race 11 and 12
The wind direction changed back to the normal side onshore, and stabilized 
around 10 knots. Tim Aagesen continued his fantastic winning streak, and was 
already the World Champ before the last race and was “gentleman enough” 
to go ashore to give somebody else a chance. Joachim Larsson was back in 
rhythm with a 2nd. and went on to win the last race lifting him back up to the 
podium in 3rd. Adam “consistent” Holm lost his nerve in race 11 finishing 14th 
but recovered in the last – to secure his silver medal with another 3rd. Mr 
Consistency also collected a silver in 2010 as well as a bronze in 2009. Bjorn 
Holm finished with a 3rd and a 2nd. missing the podium by only one point. 
Bernd Szyperrek worked his way up to 5th over all with a strong 2 – 4 – 5 

A complete summary will follow with pictures, interviews, individual group 
results and stories. 

Another fantastic Kona Worlds – again proving its capacity as a class for all, 
with three weight groups finishing in the top five – and with competitors from 
9 to 62 years of age.

09:11 2011.08.06 Kona World Championships.

17:00 2011.08.05 Kona World Championships.
Race 8 and 9.
Never before in the history of the class have we seen a more impressive 
performance in a World Championship. Tim Aagesen went on to win both 
races in the afternoon. With 6 bullets out of 9 races and add to that 2 
seconds, Tim is an ocean ahead of his competitors before the last day.
Adam Holm continued his consistency and added another two 2nd’s to climb 
closer to a silver medal. Thomas Persson (SWE) advanced up the ladder with 
a 3rd and 5th and Kajsa Larsson took a giant step forward to win the ladies 
division with a 4th and 7th overall in the two last races.

We expect to run three more races tomorrow to complete the schedule of 

Photo of Tim Aagesen.

Race 7
It was a different day. We woke up to a morning fog and 5 knots of wind. 
However it cleared somewhat and the organizers set the course for the first 
race to start as scheduled. So it did, with the “Danish Dynamite” Tim Aagesen 
again controlling the fleet from the start. As the race developed and the 
breeze came up - he gradually increased his lead. Joachim Larsson trailed in 
second for a good part of the race, but fell back to 6th. The fog had 
thickened considerably, reducing the tactical aspect to literally zero. The sailors 
were struggling to judge the lay lines resulting in several changes in the front. 
Hans Nystroem and Adam Holm found their way and advanced to 2nd and 
3rd and Fanny Bauman (SWE) came from behind to finish 4th in front of 
young Erik Bertilsson, (SWE)
both of them having their best scores of the event. As if the fog didn’t make 
enough difficulties for the sailors, they also had to fight the increasing amount 
of sea weed.
The organizers wisely called for a break, but still managed to run two races in 
the afternoon.

In the light weight division, last years Cadet World Champion – Maximo Nores 
(USA) is currently holding the lead.

Stay tuned.

Maximo Nores. Picture taken by Niklas Forsén

11:18 2011.08.05 Kona World Championships.

21:27 2011.08.04 Kona World Championships.

Race 5 and 6
The wind increased in the afternoon, gusting to 18 knots, and two more races were 
scheduled. It was planing conditions and Tim Aagesen went out to win the first race 
in spectacular fashion as well as finishing 2nd in race 6 – distancing himself from the 
fleet in the overall standings with 1-2-1-(8)- 1-2. “Sneaking” up behind him is Adam 
Holm. Adams consistency is impressive with 5-3-3-3-2-(6). Both Bjorn Holm and 
Joachim Larsson were disqualified for early starts in the 6th race but still hold on to 
3rd and 4th over all respectively. Rok Puvar dropped down to 6th. after a slip in race 
5, passed by ex champ Hans Nystroem showing muscles today placing 7-2-4-5. 

Results after 6 races

15:43 2011.08.04 Kona World Championships.

Nivaa, Denmark August 4th.
Day 2, race 3 and 4.

Race 3. Again blue skies and 9 to 13 knots.
Tim Aagesen (DEN) was again “quick out of the blocks” and built up a good lead at 
first upwind, which he controlled throughout the race to secure his 2nd victory, while 
his closest competitor Joachim Larsson (SWE) finished 5th. Erik Jacobsen (DEN) had 
the race of his life and with a 2nd, followed by Adam Holm (SWE) Bjorn Holm (SWE) 

Race 4 turned out to be the most interesting so far, with several of the top placed 
sailors misjudging the first upwind which had been shortened. Overlaying the mark, 
Tim Aagesen fell back to 11th and Joachim Larsson to 13th. This opened up the door 
for yesterdays “dark horse” from Slovania. 
Rok Puvar delivered another impressive performance. He established an early lead, 
and sailed a flawless race to collect his first bullet. The 2009 World Champion Hans 
Nystroem (SWE) showed his capacity and finished 2nd, followed by Adam Holm and 
Thomas Persson (SWE)

In the Cadet division, Dion van Laarhoven (NED)continues to dominate, but Gerobimo 
Nores (USA) showed his potential by winning the second race of the day. 

09:40 2011.08.04

Nivaa, Denmark, August 4th
Day 2

First sound of the morning - wind. 16 knots on shore. Tensed faces at the skipper's meeting. Everyone eager to get out on the water.

After a thrilling day 1 the expectations are high for today's racing. Also, check out the photos and this great video.

19:33 2011.08.03 Kona world championships 2011.

Nivaa, Denmark August 3rd.
Day 1

Nice warm weather, keen competitors and a very impressive set up and organization 
should best describe the frame around this championship.

The 6th. Kona Worlds kicked off under clear sunny skies with wins from 6 to 13 
knots - and with 67 competitors from 10 countries and 3 continents..

The veteran and legend Tim Aagesen (DEN) get out to a flying start – winning the 
first race of the day, followed by Joachim Larsson (SWE) Bjorn Holm (SWE) Rok 
Puvar (SLO) and Adam Holm (SWE) as the top five finishers. The breeze picked up in 
the 2nd race of the day, but Tim Aagesen and Joachim Larsson continued in style 
with excellent tactical sailing and boat speed to secure another 1 – 2 positions, but 
this time in the opposite order – to finish the day at equal score. Young Adam Holm 
put on a fight and finished 3rd. followed by Bjorn Holm and Bernd Szyperrek (GER) in 

The sensation of the day was young Rok Puvar from Slovenia. Only after two years of 
windsurfing experience - and as a newcomer to the class, he surprised us all with 
great technique and board skills and collected a 4th and 7th to place 5th overall.
Kajsa Larsson, the 2008 Women’s champion wants more and is currently leading the 
Women’s division – and placed an impressive 6th overall. 

Top 10
1. Joachim Larsson (SWE) 3
2. Tim Aagesen (DEN) 3
3. Bjorn Holm (SWE) 7
4. Adam Holm (SWE) 8
5. Rok Puvar (SLO) 11
6. Kajsa Larsson (SWE) 12
7. Bernd Szyperrek (GER) 13
8. Hans Nystroem (SWE) 19
8. Michael Anker (DEN) 19
10.Allan Kock (DEN) 20

Cadet Division (U15)
Dian van Larhoven (NED) out sailed his competitors with two impressive bullets in 
the Cadet (U15) division. Despite his young age, Dion has frequently occupied top 20 
positions at the International ranking list. The technical skilled Gerobimo Nores (USA) 
was equally stable with two 2nds, followed by Natasha Schaloffsky (DEN) in third 
over all. 

Good winds predicted for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

12:44 2011.08.03 Kona world championships 2011.

The Race is on!

The Kona Windsurfing World championships 2011 in Nivaa, Denmark have officially started.

We will sail two races in this afternoon. It is a beautiful weather with a light breeze. Perfect winds for Kona-sailing. More than 60 participants from three continents are competing.
Follow the competitions at the official race site: www.kona.com/worlds2011. You will find everything from race videos and interviews to photos, daily reports and results. Information will also be available at our Facebook group Kona One.

And, we want your help to spread the word further about the championships and what Kona One is all about.

Best regards Kona ONE.