The 2009 Kona Gold Cup had it all.
Motala, Sweden - August 16th. 2009

The 4th. Kona Gold Cup had winds from 4 to 40 knots, extremely competitive racing, a record number of 86 competitors from 11 countries, great parties and a fantastic organization - both on and off the water. Additionally, and for the first time in the history of the class, - the Cadets (U14) was included with a separate start.

The Swedes demonstrated their superiority already from race one - with sailors of all age groups - from 15 year old Adam Holm, to 49 year old Hans Nystroem fighting for the podium positions.

As day 2 developed - with perfect conditions in winds between 8 and 15 knots - the veteran and ex Olympian Hans Nystroem had the day of his life with 4 impressive bullets, while the defending champion Bjorn Holm and his now "experienced" and super talented son Adam (15) climbed up to 2nd. and 3rd. after consistent sailing with several top 5 finishes.

Day 3 was a "fun day" dedicated to Long distance and slalom. It became a mega show for the big audience - with a spectacular beach start, and finish in the long distance race, and all the slalom heats organized close to the beach. Bjorn Holm "bagged" the long distance followed by Jurgen van Laarhoven (NED), Jan Pollack (GER) and Rainer Frohboese (GER) which gave Germany the team victory with the two best "country scores". The long distance or alternatively Mahalo tandem races - traditionally counts like team fun races - but with adrenaline still flying high.:)

Day 4 arrived with sunny skies and winds gusting to 30 knots and more. Three more races and the slalom finals were scheduled, but the extreme conditions only allowed the organizers to run one course race in what will be remembered as the "survival race" - with no more than 6 competitors finishing in wind speeds gusting to 41 knots. Johan Ekstedt (SWE), Michael Rossmeier (AUT) and Mattias Petersson (SWE) displayed some "iron man" performances to finish top 3, and Johan Ekstedt continued to impress by winning the slalom finals ahead of Bjorn Holm and Helge Rotnes (NOR).

Hans Nystroem is the new Kona World Champion.
Still, the last race did not change anything in the top standings, and Hans Nystroem was crowned the 2009 over all Champion. Finishing "only" 6th. in the Swedish nationals six weeks earlier, it came as a surprise to many- but probably not to the man himself. His flawless and super focused performance must be credited his vast experience from several years with dinghy sailing and windsurfing at a very high level. Hans qualified for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and finished 10th. He then took up another challenge, and went for his second Olympic campaign - this time in the demanding Tornado class, but "only" managed to qualify as the Swedish reserve team at the 1988 Soul games.

Hans Nystroem;
"After a break from windsurfing for almost 23 years, Bjorn Holm called me up and told me about the new Kona concept, which I immediately thought was a super cool thing, so I jumped on it. However, I felt like a beginner again as I had never used a harness, footstraps or even a pivoting centerboard, but I am starting to get the hang of it, and have tons of fun thanks to the Kona Class."

A big hand to the very worthy and extremely popular new Champion.

The 4th. Kona Gold Cup become a Swedish affair.
The Swedes harvested an amazing 18 out of the 22 medals available, including the top 3 over all, as well as in the women's fleet. Karin Wendt (40) delivered a "shocking" performance and won all the races of day two - distancing herself from her competitors, and favorites like the defending champion, Kajsa Larsson and last years vice champion, Manuela Buch (GER). Like Hans Nystroem, Karin also had a break from windsurfing for almost 20 years.

Karin Wendt;
"It is fantastic to race in this class, because it is strategic rather than physical, so you just have to focus to avoid tactical mistakes. It's great to be competitive once again, and this was definitely not my last race or championship."

Show time with Ruben and Rossi
Among the competitors, we had the two freestyle gurus Ruben "Bang" Petrisie from Bonair and Michael "Rossi" Rossmeier from Austria - both adding to the extravaganza with Rossi entertaining the crowd with his incredible freestyle show - in 40 knots; don't blink your eyes, and you will miss it sort of thing -

and Ruben turning a dinner party into a rap show no one will forget - performing a brand new "made in a hurry" song dedicated especially to the event. It had to be 3 dacapo's to standing ovation from the enthusiastic "Konadians". A man of all trades.

The man and his organization
A very special thanks goes to the event organizer Joachim Larsson, who administrated these championships - which can only be described as absolutely perfect - on and off the water. Joachim had hand picked his staff, which consisted of professional crews in all departments including the international judges, race officers, media staff, on-site catering and not to forget the event speaker Karl Magnus Soederstam reporting and entertaining from sunrise to sunset.
A memorable event, setting the standards for many more to come.

Tor Bakke
Kona Windsurfing Association

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4th. Kona Gold Cup, - Motala, Sweden
Day four, August 16th.

The competitors woke up to a sunny day with roaring south westerly winds � gusting to 30 knots. Another 3 races were scheduled as well as the slalom finals. Despite the rough conditions, the organizers went on with race 8 as planned.

The survival race
It proved to be too hard for some to even get out through the shore breaks to the start line, but the majority of the fleet started and were on their way at 10.15 �in something that could only be described as survival conditions with 2 meter swells and increasing wind speeds. : read more :

4th. Kona Gold Cup, - Motala, Sweden
Day three – August 15th.

It was Long distance.

The third day of the Kona Championships was dedicated to fun races and social activities. A spectacular long distance race – with beach start, was organized, and although not included as an official event – it turned out to be a hard fight for the top honors.
Jan Pollack (GER) developed a solid lead early in the race, followed by Helge Rotnes (NOR), Jurgen van Laarhoven (NED) Rainer Frohboese (GER), and Soeren Sundqvist (FIN). As the race developed Bjorn Holm (SWE) worked his way up the fleet, after a modest start. Helge Rotnes went for a gamble, to the right side of the course -only to loose contact with the leaders. : read more :

4th. Kona Gold Cup, - Motala, Sweden
Day two - August 14th.

Hans Nystroem grabs the lead.

Day two was blessed with perfect conditions from 10 to 16 knots and clear skies, allowing the organizers to run 5 races. The man of the day was Hans Nystroem (SWE) who put on an incredible display to win 4 of the races with solid margins. Nystroem, who is currently placed 32 on the World ranking, completely outsailed his competitors.
"It was a great day for me. I manage to break free in the starts, and read the shifts correctly. Everything went my way, so I was really enjoying the races today." : read more :

4th. Kona Gold Cup
August 13rd. Motala Sweden - Day ONE.

The Swedes are dominating in home waters.

Not surprisingly the Swedes have taken the lead after todays two races, with Jonathan Wallin and Hans Nystroem placed 1st. and 2nd., but with Jurgen van Laarhoven (NED) in a close 3rd. Behind them we find Fredrik Olsson (SWE) Tim Aagesen (DEN) and Soeren Sundquist (FIN) only separated by 3 points. It was light and shifty conditions, and last years champion, Bjorn Holm (SWE) was struggling in the first race of the day and finished 16th. but came back to win the second in impressive style, which still makes him one of the hot favorites. : read more :

Count down to Motala

15th. July 2009
Only 30 days left, and the 4th. Kona Gold Cup is on.

The event will be the biggest in the class� history, not only measured by the number of competitors, but also by activities and disciplines, which also will include slalom, long distance and freestyle � all for fun for those with the extra energy.. : read more :

Womens Adventure Week

click to enlarge Join us at beautiful Lake Idro in Italy, for the first ever International womens camp.

Due to its "friendly" class rules and adaptable sail sizes, the Kona Class is naturally attracting female sailors of all ages and skill levels. The place to meet this summer is at the Tre Capitelli Resort at lake Idro. In addition to windsurfing lessons, a Kona training camp and a Women's Cup, you may go canoeing, handgliding or simply walking in the beautiful hillsides surraunding the lake.

Kona Gold Cup 2009
Motala Sweden, August 13rd. to 16th.

Join us for the biggest Kona event ever. This years "Worlds" includes slalom, tandem and long distance racing along with daily parties and social gatherings in true Kona spirit. The NoR, entry form and all other relevant info is available at See Worlds 2009 at menu bar.

In Motala and its surroundings you find nice environments in a peaceful atmosphere, both at sea and on shore. The town is located right between Stockholm and Gothenburg, situated in the western part of Oestergoetland by the Goeta Canal outlet into Sweden's second largest lake, Lake V?ttern. Motala Stream and Lake Boren are two other large water courses within the municipality. Motala's waterfront is 50 kilometres long and offers several nice places for living and recreation.

It is a place where things are happening, such as famous bicycle races around the lake, stock car racing, music festivals and now the Kona Gold Cup. We will certainly make an impact in this medium sized Swedish town.

Our race site is located at Varamobaden beach, which is about 3 km long. It has 80 more sun hours than the rest of the inland. Since the beach is shallow it is good for children and the water easily heats up. The quality of the water is also very high. Varamobaden is a popular place for windsurfing and water-skiing. Beside the beach you also have access to toilets, tennis and miniature golf courts, a playground, kayaking and canoeing, water chute, boarding house, "holiday village", cottages for hire, youth hostel and camping site. The restaurants offer entertainment several days a week during summer.