Bjorn Holm and Niko Mattig makes the third
Kona Gold Cup the most exciting ever.

Travemunde, August 17th. 2008.

For the first time in the history of the Kona Class, a photo finish was needed to determine the winner. Niko Mattig (GER) was leading, although on equal points with Bjorn Holm (SWE) -going into the last race. A race that can only be described as a thriller, both in the men and women fleets. Bjorn came from behind to snatch the victory at the finishing line, and in the womens fleet Kajsa Larsson (SWE) did the impossible and stayed on top of the favourite and last years champion Manuela Buch (GER) to win the last race by half a board length. Enough to secure the victory � again on equal points.

The third Gold Cup became another demanding light wind affair, with close tactical racing. Among the top three we saw sailors from three weight groups and three Nations. The heavy weight Patrice Belbeoch (FRA) took the bronze - and the versatility of the class proved itself again with sailors from all four weight groups finishing within the top 12.

For the first time a Mahalo Tandem Cup was organized with 8 teams from 6 countries.
Technically demanding, it adds to the excitement and it was a definite hit among the spectators. Team Germany with Oliver-Tom Schliemann and Benedikt Klinkhammer made history and won the first Kona Mahalo Gold Cup.

The atmosphere at Travemunde was great with social events in true Kona spirit. Thanks to Lubeck Yacht Club for a memorable and very well organized event.

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    Kona Gold Cup
    Day 3, August 17th

    The race of the century.
    Although predicted, the seabreeze never happened in Travemunde. We faced another light wind day with average 5 knots. The 4th. and what was to become the last race of the championships developed into a thriller of epic proportions for the over-all titles both in the men and woman fleets. Niko Mattig (GER) and Bjorn Holm (SWE) were on equal points and all pumped up.

    Niko had a good start and went for the middle of the course, and with excellent boat speed he was soon in control. Bjorn continued to the left side along with Tim Aagesen (DEN) and Patrice Belbeoch (FRA) -with Patrice going for a gamble all the way to the left lay line.

    At the first upwind marker it was Niko Mattig in the lead, followed by Koen Sonck (BEL) also working his way up in the middle, Patrice Belbeoch, Lucien van Delst (NED), Bjorn Holm and Tim Aagesen (DEN)

    Bjorn advanced to 2nd. at the downwind and Patrice dropped to 3rd.,but overtook Bjorn once again on the second upwind. It was Niko -now in a clear lead- Patrice and Bjorn - well ahead of the fleet going into the second downwind.

    This was when Bjorn shifted gear, utilizing the shifts downwind to pass Patrice and reduce the gap to Niko into something looking like "striking distance" for the last short upwind to the finish. Niko went for a starboard tack to the left which proved to be a costly mistake, as he was blocked by all the sailors going downwind - unabeling him to tack back to cover Bjorn going for the right side on a port tack. When they finally met - Niko had to go behind Bjorn on port, but it was not over as Niko would be on a starboard tack to the finish with Bjorn on port. Second mistake; Niko tacked a fraction too late - allowing Bjorn to finish the line on port without a confrontation -with his nose some 30 cm in front. A spectacular fight and finish from two very skilled sailors, but again; with the one doing less mistakes coming out on top.

    The focus was shifted to the womens fleet. Manuela Buch (GER) had a one point lead on Kajsa Larsson (SWE), but quickly found herself in trouble trailing Kajsa for much of the race- although gradually catching up. At the last down wind marker the distance was reduced to less than 20 meters and the fight was on. Kajsa held on to her narrow lead that had been reduced to a few meters, but her last tack to starboard forced Manuela to tack to leeward. Unable to recover speed quick enough, she lost the title to Kajsa by less than than half a board lenght.

    These championships, despite only four races sailed, was one of the most exciting and well organized events in the history of the Kona Class. Our sincere thanks to the Lubeck Yacht Club for the very professional organization and great hospitality.

    See you all in Motala, Sweden next year.
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    Kona Gold Cup
    Day 2, August 16th.

    The German Surprise.
    It was still light winds from 5 to 7 knots, but a nice and sunny day. The first race of the day got on the way at 12.30, and again it was Bjorn Holm, Sweden taking the lead after a good start and a quick tack to port and free wind. This time he was followed by Niko Mattig from Germany - who also choosed to go port early. As the race developed the duo increased their lead, and Niko overtook Bjorn at the last upwind to wind the race. Third was Ulf Antonsson, Sweden -followed by Mathieu Levos, France. Thomas Persson, Sweden and Tim Aagesen, Denmark advanced through the fleet to finish 5th. and 6th.

    In the second race of the day Niko Mattig immediately found the rythm and secured another impressive victory after flawless and excellent tactical sailing. Bjorn Holm went to the disfavored side of the course and was struggling in the middle of the fleet. Instead it was Tim Aagesen, Denmark, - Ulf Antonsson, Sweden - Patrice Belbeoch, France and Lars Deiterding, Germany fighting for the top 5 positions. Bjorn Holm recovered and finished 10th. which leave him in second with 1-2-10 on equal points with Niko's 11- 1-1. Patrice Belbeoch is currently third with 3-10-5. The championship is still open and we hope for more wind tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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    Kona Gold Cup
    Day one �August 15th.

    It was light again.
    Although all winds are Kona winds the first race has to be abandoned, as it died down from 5 knots at the start- to absolute vacuum in the middle of the first upwind leg. It was waiting time, but the second race of the day got started late in the afternoon in 6 knots. It became a demanding race in a dying breeze. Bjorn Holm, Sweden and Mathieu Levos, France broke loose early and managed to protect their positions throughout the race. Behind them the rat race was on with Patrice Belbeoch, France � Lars Dieker, Germany � Koen Sonck, Belgium and Johan van Steerteghem, Spain constantly switching places, but finishing in the mentioned order.

    In the women's fleet, Manuela Buch from Germany won the first race as predicted, but only just � as Beate Hoffman � also from Germany- touched the finishing mark and had to round it again.

    Once again the class proved its versatility with sailors from 3 weight groups (and 6 countries) finishing in the top ten. It was another day in true Kona spirit.

    The Gold Cup is on
    Travemunde, Germany � August 14th.

    Registration Day:
    The atmosphere at the Lubecker Yacht Club is great with 48 competitors from 10 nations � although the forecast for the first day is light winds between 4 to 7 knots.
    Among the favorites are the young German star Oliver Tom Schliemann �the recent bronze medal winner from the ISAF youth Worlds, the PWA vetarans Thomas Persson, Sweden and Tim Aagesen, Denmark as well as the 07 gold and silver medalists (heavy weight) Koen Sonck, Belgium and Patrice Belbeoch, France. In the womens fleet we believe last years champion Manuela Buch will be hard to beat. Stay tuned for the action.

    Travemunde, Germany- August 14th. to 17th. 2008

    This years �Kona Worlds� will be hosted in Lübeck / Travemünde, Germany from August, 14th to 17th. The event will be organized by the Lübecker Yacht Club in cooperation with the German Kona Class Association and the IKC. The LYC has a lot of practical experience in sailing and in windsurfing regattas, and their most famous annual event is the Travemünde Week, which has a history of more than 100 years.

    Germany and Travemunde is ready to welcome us to this years "Kona Worlds", and the Notice of Race is available at The organizers will supply 50 charter boards, so early bookings are highly recommended. Based on our ranking list, and with priority to countries with scheduled Kona Cups, we have worked out the following quotes;

  • France
  • 10
  • Sweden
  • 8
  • Germany
  • 5
  • UK
  • 5
  • Netherlands
  • 3
  • Spain
  • 3
  • USA
  • 3
  • Australia
  • 3
  • Belgium
  • 2
  • Norway
  • 2
  • Italy
  • 2
  • Others
  • 4

    If a country does not fill its quota, the slots will be available to others with priority to competitors with early registrations. The event is open all Kona owners bringing their own equipment.

    Accommodations; It is still holidays in August, so the organizer recommend early bookings, in particular if you want to stay together with your friends or family. There is a free camping site close to the venue, and if any special requirements, you may contact Rainer Frohboese for assistance.

    See you all in Travemunde..