Pattaya, Thailand. 28th November to 3rd. December 2006

Day 4, December 3rd. - Navin Singsart and Ricardo Giordano are the 2006 Kona Champs.

The predicted North Easterly Monsoon winds kicked in at 7 in the morning, and everything looked promising - until it all died down when a local low pressure built up and disturbed the patterns. Consequently the results from day 3 are final. It was unfortunate, as we hoped for some exciting high wind races on the final day. Although the Kona rules allow for racing in all conditions, it was too shifty for the race committee to set a proper course, with 2 to 3 knots of wind constantly changing direction by 30 to 50 degrees.

Rudolf Steiner, Race Manager;
It was light throughout the event, but if this would have been a championship in any other class we would not have been able to run the minimum of three races necessary to complete a championship. Instead we managed to do six, and they were all fair and compelling.?

Still, there were no waiting time,- but Freestyle time. The Kona is ideal for classical Freestyle, and we were entertained by some impressive moves and transitions that brought back a lot of memories to the many veterans taking part in these championships.

The event was historical in many ways, as we had competitors from 12 to 62 years of age from 41 to 105 kilo from professional PWA racers to fresh youngsters, all in one class. We had the first ever windsurfing World Champion from 1973, several veterans from the original Windsurfer class, the current Raceboard World Champion, an ex PWA wave champion, and three former Olympians competing along side upcoming young talents. It was the first International Kona one design event, and it was hosted in honor of the Thai king,- the worlds longest reigning monarch.

Navin Singsart, over-all winner;
"This was a great event for me. I did not start off that good, but as soon as tuned in, I improved a lot - and managed to finish off with a 2nd. and 1st. All the races were close and very exciting. This class is great as it is easy and fair for all but still challenging. Without pumping, everybody has a chance to win, and for the first time I was really enjoying light wind sailing."

Our sincere thanks goes to the sponsors, Eastern Windsurfing Club and Thai Windsurfing Association for a perfectly organized event, as well as to all the competitors taking part in this memorable championship.

See you next year.

Exocet staff.

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    Day 3. December 2nd.

    It was another day with light westerly winds, but the Kona class rules allow racing in all conditions and both races today in 3 to 4 knots, proved that it is both possible as well as interesting. In combination with the "no pumping" rule - lightwind sailing becomes extremely tactical.

    In the first race Ricardo Giordano did no mistakes and collected his 2nd. bullet, followed by Navin Singsart. The duo did it again in the second race, but this time with Navin crossing the line first. This moved him up in the lead over-all, closely followed by the consistant Prapart Sang-ngern and Ricardo Giordano.

    Ricardo has a pending protest against him, and with a dsq from the 4th. race, he may risk loosing his lead in the heavy weight division. The top five positions are still unchanged after 6 races, but tomorrow may change things, as 15 to 20 knots north easterly winds are predicted from early morning.

    Stay tuned.

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  • Day 2. December 1st.

    The westerly winds kicked in at 13.30, allowing for two races today. Again it was light, but gusting to 10 knots in the last race.

    Piyawat Panbuddee, another young Thai sailor had a perfect day with two very impressive wins. Especially considering the tricky conditions with 10 to 15 degrees shift and a 3 knots current.

    Piyawat broke loose early in both starts and secured his leads with excellet tactical sailing. Despite light wind adevantage and local knowledge, the level of the Thai youth sailors is impressively high, and came as a surprise to most foreign competitors.

    Songkram Singsart is still leading over-all, followed by Praporn Sung-Ngerm and Ricardo Giordano from Italy. After four races and one discard, it is double Italy in the heavy weight division, - with Giovanni Di Stefano in 2nd. and Patrik Pollak from Slovakia moving down to 3rd. Bjorn Holm from Sweden moved up to 5th. after discarding an OSC from yesterday.
    We hope for good winds and three races tomorrow.

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  • Day 1. November 30th.

    The first day of the Kona Worlds saw some very competitive racing in light shifty winds from 4 to 6 knots. Despite these sub planning conditions, - all the competitors were respecting the no pumping? rule, which is unique for the class.

    Tor Bakke Class representative;
    Racing becomes much more tactical and fair. Instead of pumping your brains out you actually start thinking strategy and tactics. It was amazing to watch this big fleet battling it out without a sound. Instead of the familiar noise of flapping Mylar cloth, it was total silence and a beautiful sight of intense, tight racing. We thought we took a big risk implementing this rule, but the competitors behaved well, and it seems they all appreciated it as it opens up for clean tactical sailing, rather than air rowing? that has been a pest to this sport much too long.?

    Two races were sailed today, and the light weights naturally enjoyed the conditions.
    The local competitors put on an impressive display, and proved they are definitely at a high international level, although not competing much outside of Thailand.

    Young Songkram Singsart and the veteran Teera Sudpumkaew are 1st. and 2nd. over all followed by one of the favorites Ricardo Giordano from Italy. (Heavy weight) Songkram is considered a big talent among those who know him, and he certainly demonstrated his skills with two 2nds. on the opening day. Although the light weights dominated in today?s conditions, Patrik Pollak, Slovakia and Kriangkrai Sakulfak, Thailand are place 6th. and 9th. respectively and consequently 2nd. and 3rd. in their weight group, - behind Ricardo Giordano.
    Slightly more wind is expected tomorrow, and we look forward to another day of close racing.

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  • Registration day. November 29th. - The Kona Worlds is on.

    The registration day is soon over, and we have 57 competitors from 11 nations and 3 continents signed up for the very first Kona Worlds. Some of the favorites are Ben van der Steen from Holland, the Raceboard World Champion Patrik Pollak from Slovakia, the vice World champion Ricardo Giordano from Italy, ex Olympian Bjorn Holm from Sweden, this years French Kona champion Vincent Gourtay from France and the first ever windsurfing champion Bruce Matlack from USA.

    We are looking forward to a very interesting race - and for the first time in almost 20 years it will be racing without wind limit, and pumping is restricted to 30 seconds after the start only. Definitely a challenge for the organizers, but perhaps a big step forward or should we say back to fair sailing.

    The atmosphere is great, and light to moderate winds are predicted for tomorrow.

    Stay tuned.

    Notice of Race
    Pattaya, Thailand. 28th November to 3rd. December 2006

    The 1st. International Kona Championships will take place at famous Pattaya Beach, located 100 km south of Bangkok at the East coast of the Siam Gulf. It will be a competitive as well as social one-design event with complimentary beach and BB'q party's every night. The Kona is well tailored for racing in all conditions, so no more waiting on the beach. Charter equipment will be available from Exocet and Aerotech, but early bookings are recommended.

    Thailand is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and Pattaya Beach has a mild steady breeze, tropical sun and 30 degrees. Wet suits not needed. While off the water you will find good, affordable accommodation and delicious food under the palm trees. And if you want nightlife, there are not many places like Pattaya.

    1. Event
    The 1st International Kona World Championships will be held from November 28th to December 3rd 2006. Main events will be course racing, long distance and slalom.

    2. Organizer
    The event will be organized by Eastern Windsurfing Club (EWC) together with the Airport of Thailand Public Company Limited. For and on behalf of and under specified conditions laid down by the Kona Class.

    3. Venue
    Racing will take place at the North point of Wong-Amat Beach, Pattaya. (Supported the land by Boon Property Co.,Ltd.)

    Pattaya is located 60 minutes from the new Bangkok airport and it is an established windsurfing area. During November and December the weather conditions are influenced by the north-east monsoon blowing from 8 to 25 knots. Water temp 24ºC; Average air temp 26-30ºC.

    4. Rules
    This event is governed by:
    The Windsurfing Competition Rules and the Sailing Instructions.

    5. Eligibility and Discipline
    The 1st. International Kona World Championships are open to all sailors in the following divisions:
  • Lightweight
  • Heavyweight
    Weight classes will be divided into two equal groups, and specified after registration and weigh-in of all competitors. The Championships are open to all age groups.

    6. Buoyancy
    If personal buoyancy is prescribed, each competitor shall wear, above the waist, a jacket, harness, or vest with a minimum buoyancy of 4kg. Uninflected, in fresh water. The buoyancy shall be tested with a metal weight of 4kg. Which shall remain supported for a minimum of 5 minutes.

    7. Liability.
    Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The Organizing Authority or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment. Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race within them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk.

    8. Courses
    Courses will be specified in the Sailing Instructions or on the official notice board.

    9. Schedule
  • November 28th, 29th
  • 10.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs Registration.
  • November 30th
  • 10.00 hrs Racing

    16.00 hrs Last possible start

    18.30 hrs Opening Ceremony
  • December 1st. to 3rd

  • Racing in accordance with sailing instructions.
  • December 3rd
  • 18.30 hrs Prize giving and Closing Ceremony

    10. Scoring
    The Windsurfing Competition Rules low points scoring system (App. A2) will apply.

    11. International Jury
    An International Jury will be appointed. Their decisions will be final and cannot be appealed.

    12. Sailing Instructions (SI's)/Event Program
    The SI's will be available at registration as will the Event Program scheduling social events.

    13. Accommodation

    1. Aisawan Resort & Spa; is the official hotel for the Event. The special rate for windsurf candidates during Nov 28 - December 3, 2006 are as follows;
  • Superior Room Euro 90 nett. Include ABF
  • Aisawan Club Room Euro 120 nett. Include ABF
  • Villa Lanai Euro 120 nett. Include ABF
  • Pool Lanai Euro 130 nett. Include ABF

    2. Other hotels are the Plumeria Serviced Apartment; and Prima Villa; both within 100 meters from the race site, and at special discounted rates through the organizers.
  • Plumeria serviced apartments are Euro 50 per room per night incl. Breakfast.
  • Prima Villa offer rooms at Euro 26 per night incl. Breakfast.

    3. Please contact for reservations. Due to peak season, number of rooms is limited in Pattaya. Please make reservations in advance and no later than October 15th.

    Please keep us update Re: Entree list.
    The deadline for the charter board will be 31st Oct, 2006. The payment for the charter has to be made before the mentioned date.

    14. Air Travel/Transportation
    The nearest Airport is Bangkok (Approx 50 to 60 minutes by road). Book your flight to Bangkok early to avoid disappointment, as it is close to peak season. Transfer from Bangkok International Airport to Pattaya will be arranged by the organizers on request. Please contact the organizers and let them know your date and time of arrival and flight number. The cost for one way trip is 30 Euro per person.

    15. Charter Boards
    Please order your charter board before 1st November 2006. Competitors may also purchase the charter boards subsequent to the event at very favorable prices. The charter fee is 150 Euro for complete sets. Please contact Exocet for booking and further information;

    16. Registration
    The registration office during the regatta will be located at the Event venue from 10.00 hours to 16.00 hours for registration and inquiries and Competitors are required to fill the regatta entry form and weigh-in with the official in charge. For information or questions before the Event, please contact Thanit Raksavanes
    Eastern Windsurfing Club (EWC)
    Tel; 661 859 1234
    Fax; 662 260 2442

    17. Entries
    Competitors are requested to fill in the entry form no later than October 30th.2006. You can enter on-line.
    [ Entry form]

    18. Entry Fee
    The entry fee is 75 Euro and payable at site/registration.

    19. Money/Exchange Rate
    The currency of Thailand is the Baht. 1 US$ is approximately 38. - Baht. Money exchange is very easy in Thailand. Traveler cheques in US-Dollars have better exchange rates than bank notes. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and restaurants and in many shops. For the latest exchange rates, see the famous XE.COM currency converter.