A class for all ages and skill levels

A strict OD Class for all ages and skill levels
  • Tuned sail sizes to eliminate weight differences
  • Four weight groups - one equal fleet
  • No minimum wind limit
  • Planing upwind on the fin possible
  • Easy accessible
  • Durability and low cost
  • Tactical racing with NO PUMPING ! 


The Kona One was launched as a one design class in 2006 with an aim to re-introduce the adaptable concept that initially ignited the sport, and at the same time add the best of today's technology and design features. The result is an early planing and easy maneuverable board - as challenging to advanced sailors as it is uncomplicated and forgiving to beginners and intermediate windsurfers..

In contrast to other windsurfing classes, the Kona One championship rules ensure tactical sailing. Pumping is prohibited, and due to the Kona One's unique versatility and superb light wind performance - no minimum wind limit is required. Successful events are guaranteed for sponsors and organizers.

The class is divided into four weight groups plus ladies and Cadet divisions (U15) to ensure even performance and opportunites for all. Specific sail sizes graded to each weight class are carefully tuned to match performance of the weight divisions - making the Kona One class the first in the history of windsurfing to eliminate a "sweet spot" or weight advantage of any particular group - allowing a one start - one fleet with equal opportunities.

Although the history of the Kona Class only goes back three years, it has been a very successful one with Kona Cups organized in key countries like USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Portugal, Spain and Austria.

Previous International Kona Gold Cups;
2006 - Pattaya, Thailand 61 competitors
2007 - La Ciotat, France 58 competitors

One Fleet - absolute extremes
Never before has windsurfing championships been attended by Olympic and World champions as well as intermediate sailors and kids in one fleet - from eight to eighty-two years-old! 

Three generations competing at the Kona Gold Cup in La Ciotat, France;
Bruce Matlack, USA (63) winner of the very first Windsurfing Worlds in 1971, Franck David, France (38) Gold Medalist at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, and Alexandre Vilatte, France (10) weighing in at 24 kilos.

2008 - Travemunde, Germany 65 Competitors
2009 - Motala, Sweden 85 competitors from 11 countries. Three different generations and weight groups at the podium.

Brian McDowell Windsurfer International September 2009;

For guaranteed family fun and high level racing, you can't fault the Kona Class for fail-safe action. With the ability to charter equipment, fly gear free and rub shoulders with both current PWA stars and former racing legends - the Kona concept breathes new life into windsurfing.

Fast forward to 2010 Kona Worlds in Miami, Florida

Remarkably the Kona Class got recognized by ISAF only in its 4th season as an established class, The philosophy, aim and focus have brought the Kona One Design concept from a notion to a renowned direction in modern windsurfing. A direction that is built on simplicity, fair tactical sailing and versatility.


  • 1st. Official Kona World Championships.
  • 83 competitors from 11 countries and 3 continents.
  • Four different weight groups finishing among the top 5.
  • 30% female competitors.

    Thanks for your interest and support. Our aim is to offer opportunities for all - to enjoy our wonderful sport.Kona Windsurfing Association

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