Date:                  November 4, 2012

Location:            Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Chair:                 Michael Fox

Secretary:           Andree Gauthier                                                                                                     




Allan Koch, Dominique Vallee, Lucien WanDelst, Darren Garner, Dennis Winstanley, Darren Field, Joachim Larsson, Rok Puwar, Dan Weiss, GeirHenanger,  Magnus Lindstedt, Vincent Gaonac.



Greg Johns, Michael Rayl, Eric Gonzales 







Michael Fox introduced himself as replacing Tor Bakke as Class president.

Dan Weiss was introduced as the new Class measurer succeeding Bruce Matlack

Reading and Approval of Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting


Kona World Championship 2013


Dominique Vallee discussed her efforts and organization for the 2013 World Championship that will be in Trois Riviere Quebec.   She is requesting that people attend this event as she has pulled in her town and is organizing a large event. 


Kona European Championship 2013 is tentatively planned for Sweden


Body Weight Allowance  


The 2 kg +/- weight allowance established in the Championship Rules are not allowed by ISAF to exist as a Class Rule.  It is recommended that international events use a digital or beam-type scale that is certified by local weights and measure authorities.  It is further stressed that the sailing instructions should include the weight allowance rule whenever it shall be applied to a particular regatta. No formal action was taken.


Cadet Weight Categories and Sail Sizes


Further discussion and study is required.  It was recommended that a "Youth Committee" be formed.  In lieu of a formal committee, it was resolved that Andree, Dominique and Magnus will lead this study and report their findings to the Class at the 2013 AGM.


Competition Committee


The need for a focused examination of all issues surrounding championship regattas is clear.  It was resolved that a Competition Committee is established, the leadership of which shall be determined by the President and that further makeup and business of the Committee shall be established by the Committee Chairperson.


Maximum Wind Limitation


Dominique recommended that the maximum wind limit to hold a race remain at 28 knots but that anything over 25 knots is at the discretion of the race committee. Dan Weiss commented that the race committee has a lot of responsibility and their primary focus is “safety first.” They may default to a conservative approach because of this.  Dan recommended we leave this topic to new “Competition Committee”


Equipment Changes


Sails: At prior AGMs and regattas some expressed concern that the 7.4 sail had not received the same updates as the 8.2 and 9.0 sizes. The Manufacturer, Jaochim Larsson, stated that the 7.4 had since been updated and that the performance of the updated 7.4 sail in Swedish fleets confirms the improved performance.  Members expressed concern about future minimum weight requirements for using the upcoming 9.8 sail.  It was agreed that further comparative testing and analysis must occur and it was resolved that final testing shall occur at the 2013 Calema Midwinters and a report promptly given to the President who shall report to the members the findings and a recommendation of the minimum weight required for use of the proposed 9.8. It was requested that the Manufacturer seek the Association's approval prior to release of any proposed changes to any Class sail that will result in performance changes or significant material or visual changes.  The Manufacturer agreed to obtain Association approval before producing for general release any sail with such changes.


Kona One branded, Manufacturer Supplied rig components:  Kona One branded rig components are proposed by the Manufacturer to be required for all future class racing.  It was suggested that a one-year transition period be created to address concerns that many people own rig components that currently comply with the Class Rules but are not supplied by the Manufacturer. This is particularly common in the USA.  It was resolved that only rig components supplied by the Manufacturer shall be used at the 2014 World Championships and subsequent International regattas but no such requirements shall be mandated for National Championships unless required by the event organizers who shall have that option subsequent to the 2014 World Championship.  It was resolved that the relevant rules be amended in 2013 to comply with the new rig component progression plan.


2013 AGM


It shall occur at the 2013 World Championship.

November 4. 2012


Kona Windsurfing Association
Andree Gauthier

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