The desire to race is a natural human attribute. With almost every sport, the competitive levels in which racing occurs, ranges from beginners to professionals. The Kona is designed to cater for all skill levels and conditions, and due to it's versatility, several disciplines like Course racing, Freestyle, Slalom and Long distance may be organized in a huge variety of conditions.

One Design Racing is challenging, educational and exciting, but most of all,- fair and economical.

  • You will vastly improve your sailing skills- at equal terms and without having to worry
         about your equipment.
  • You will build your esteem and self-confidence.
  • You are always challenged to sail better than the last time.
  • You will enjoy the thrill of doing your personal best.
  • You will enjoy the social environment of the sport with other enthusiastic sailors.

    If you are interested in organizing local events, or take part in the action your self, please contact us, and our staff will get back to you with information related to your area and/or the closest Kona fleets in the region.

    The Kona Cup consist of a series of races in several key countries around the world, (contact your national Class Authority for further information) and the first Kona Worlds (Kona Gold Cup) took place in Thailand from November 28th. to December 3rd. 2006.

  • Each National Kona Cup consists of a minimum of 3 events throughout the season. Regardless if the number of National events exceeds the minimum, only the 3 best scores (per competitor) shall count at the over all ranking.
  • It is up to the discretion of the organizers to choose between desired disciplines like course racing, slalom and long distance - or a combination as seen fit considering conditions, number of competitors and time frames.
  • All Kona events shall be divided into 4 weight groups and divisions in accordance with Class Rules.
  • The use of a standard sail size (5.8, 6.6, 7.4, 8.2 or 9.0) is mandatory for each intended weight group and division, unless in case of OD charter equipment with only one size available.
  • Results and event reportssend to MyKona systemand local pages
  • The International - as well as national ranking lists will be automated updated though MyKona
  • The over all winners of the Worlds, Continentals and National Kona Cups shall be regarded International and National champions respectively.