• U23 Worlds 2016 Adam Holm

  • Charterboards at Kona Worlds 2014

  • Kona Worlds 2016 (Start)

  • One Board one Sail

  • Get On Board to Kona Youth Worlds 2016 - Malmoe, Sweden

  • It takes one man to sail a board but a community to grow a flower!

  • LOOP WITH KONA ONE IN POZO (Sailor Marcos Perez)

  • Maksymilian Wojcik (POL) EUROPEN CHAMPION 2013

  • World Champion 2014 Rass Sayer US

  • The only unisex windsurfing class

  • Flying on the Step-tail in Miami Sailor Ulf Antonsson and Calle Sjöberg (Swe)

  • Get On Board and sail Kona Worlds 2016

The Kona One Class

Founded on a one board concept, the Kona One Class was the first in the history of windsurfing to eliminate weight advantage and ensure fair, tactical racing for all.

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