The Kona Class is devoted to the development of inexpensive one design racing, with an easy format emphasizing on tactics rather than equipment and physical strength.

In contrast to all other windsurfing classes, the Kona One ideology and spirit emphasize the “brainy beauty” of sailing. Pumping is prohibited, and due to the Kona One's superb light wind performance - no minimum wind limit is required.   Successful events are guaranteed for sponsors and organizers.

The class is divided into five weight divisions plus the ladies and Cadet (U15) divisions -and with different sail sizes carefully tuned to match performance among the divisions, ensuring even opportunities for all.

It makes the Kona One class the first in the history of windsurfing to eliminate a "sweet spot" or weight advantage of any particular group. This significantly adds excitement.  All divisions compete equally in big fleets, rather than enduring separate starts for different divisions. This simplifies the organization and boosts the recognition of the overall and true champion.

Remarkably, ISAF granted formal recognition to the Kona Class in only its 9th season (2009). Kona One's philosophy, aim and focus brought the Kona One concept from a notion to a direction peerless in modern windsurfing.  The Kona Windsurfing Association represents the Kona One sailors by preserving simplicity, fair tactical sailing and versatility.

The KWA is administered by a knowledgeable panel of international members, led by President Micheal Fox (USA), and supported by the brand Kona Windsurfing AB. 

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